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No more waiting at the mortorway toll
The automatic toll means time saved every time you go through! No more stopping for a ticket, no more winding down the window in order to pay. And what’s more, you avoid queuing up at the toll station.
Reserved lanes
You benefit from reserved lanes indicated by the “t” sign: the barriers lift up automatically as you approach. Automatic no stop toll lanes are also shown by the “30” sign allowing you to go through without stopping - as long as you have reduced your speed in advance to 30 km/hour.
A single tag for the whole French motorway network. With the automatic toll, you can drive freely along all the motorways in France, whichever network you use: more than 8500 km of motorway at your disposal.
All your journeys are invoiced at the beginning of the following month. You receive a detailed statement of all your journeys over all French motorways.
For one off journeys, you only pay for the months in which you have used the tag.
No prior notice, no date limit. To change or cancel your automatic toll agreement, all you need to do is ask.

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Setup fees 15 €
Managment fees 1,7 €
Delivery costs
(10€ for a shipment outside France)
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4 €
Electronic invoice -0,5 €
Managment fees if used in Spain and / or Portugal 2,4 €
Managment fees if used in Italy 2,4 €
Total amount 25 €
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Delivery costs
(10€ for a shipment outside France)

( 4 € )

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